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Professional: Lilies and Birds is committed to providing professional, wise and compassionate care. Spiritual and psychological soul care is not a new area of practice for Christians.  Ailments of the heart are presented in every page of scripture and dynamically addressed by the God of the gospel. Moreover, Christians through out history have been given themselves to the study of and the treatment of deep distress of many suffering souls. Biblical counseling can effectively address issues related to:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • trauma

  • addiction

  • grief

  • marital counseling

  • family counseling

  • parenting

  • sexual problems

  • and many more

The average rate for one psychotherapy session can range from $100-$300. 

Our Cost: At Lilies & Birds your average cost per session is $65. We are able to reduce the cost of counseling because we offer counseling packages and use online live video conference for all our sessions.  Our uniqueness helps us reduce your per-session cost. In addition to reducing cost of service, video-conference counseling has several benefits for a client:

  • not time loss in travel or traffic

  • counseling from the comfort of your home

  • more flexibility

Our Counseling Packages:







Have questions? Ready to get started?

Schedule a free 15 minute video consultation .


Four video-conference sessions per month


$250 monthly


Two video-conference sessions per month


$150 monthly

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