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Welcome to Lilies and Birds. Sometimes life can be hard and  we can feel stuck. If you are discouraged, exhausted or anxious, you know  what we mean.


Sometimes we find ourselves amidst difficult or even overwhelming situations. Sometimes it may be our thoughts or emotions that make life hard to manage. During these times it can be difficult to relate to others or even hard to related to God. Sometimes our affliction can cause us to question God's love or His power.


You are not alone. You have never been alone. Let us  walk with you through these times.


Consider the lilies and the birds. God feeds the birds and grows the lilies. You are of so much greater value than they. They are here today and gone tomorrow. You are made for eternal intimacy with God Himself.  He cares about you so much, that He sacrificed everything to have you.


Not only can He help, but he has proactively provided real help. Jesus personally knows your most intimate afflictions. He knows what you need in order to bear and overcome them. But even more, He lived, died and rose again to save us from the worst affliction of all.  He knows how to help and is eager to give us aid.




Clinically Biblical. At Lilies and Birds we are clinically trained but biblically motivated. This means that we will help with you identify and address disruptive and distressing thoughts, emotions and experiences while aiming to strengthen your faith and promote nearness to the holy and humble God of the bible. Most often it is during moments of great affliction when God's love and His nearness are most clearly and powerfully displayed. Our desire is more than to just help you eliminate your pain; it is to utilize biblical counseling, coaching or consulting, to help you experience the fullness of joy as you relate to God through Jesus Christ and are strengthened to do the most possible good.

Low Cost. We do not charge per session. Find out how this reduces your cost. click here

Accessible Help. Lilies and Birds services occur at the comfort of your home or office through a secure online platform. In this way, Lilies and Birds is able to make our services accessible to anyone in the US or abroad.


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