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About Patricio Penaherrera
I always wanted to help others, it is part of the DNA of my family. When I became a Christian in college, I realized what the best form of help is. I began studying God, the gospel and people. During a separation, that led to divorce, which led to reconciliation & remarriage, I learned of the impact counseling can make. I now love counseling. I have worked for almost ten years in community mental health, private practice, expat online psychotherapy, and staff care consulting as a Licensed Professional Counselor in VA and NY. I have Masters Degree in Theology and one in Counseling and have learned from many excellent biblical counselors. I currently live abroad with my family, as an expat. I work with individuals, couples and families. It is an honor and a joy for me to serve those in ministry and in the mission field. As a result of my clinical experience and personal journey through affliction, losses and turmoil, I have learned 3 important lessons that motivated me to start Lilies & Birds.
1. I have seen the benefit of skillfully utilized clinical helping skills to promote healing, resiliency and growth. However, there is no more powerful intervention then to experience the passionate and patient love of God.
2. While there are practical and helpful coping skills that can assist us to better manage situational difficulties and internal distress, nothing helps like the hope, security and peace resulting from the actual presence of God.
3. We need to develop a better and clearer understanding of our heart and how it has been shaped, but there is no greater need than develop a character that reflects the love and humility of Christ.
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