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At Lilies and Birds, we are clinically trained but we practice biblical counseling. We will work with you to address the pain and suffering associated with life's many difficulties. However our aim is not only to help you eliminated pain but to help you experience the peace and joy of Christ more fully. For more information about biblical counseling click here.


Because our services are  completely on-line and because we only offer monthly packages instead of charging for individual session,  your per session will be close to only $65. get started today


We will meet at the comfort of your home or office, on a secure online platform. In this way, Lilies and Birds is able to make our services accessible to anyone, anywhere in the US or abroad. Find out more about Doxy or visit my virtual waiting room.


Consider the lilies and the birds. God feeds the birds and grows the lilies. You are of so much greater value than they. They are here today and gone tomorrow. You are made for eternal intimacy with God Himself.  He cares about you so much, that He sacrificed everything to have you.

Not only can He help, but he has proactively provided real help. Jesus personally knows your most intimate afflictions. He knows what you need in order to bear and overcome them. But even more, He lived, died and rose again to save us from the worst affliction of all.  He knows how to help and is eager to give us aid.



Let us  walk with you through the tough times

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